Are you worried about how long the COVID-19 restrictions are going to be in force and what state your business is going to be in at the other side of this? 
…or do you want to double-check that you have done everything you possibly can to ensure your business survives this?

…or do you want to ensure you make the most of this period of hibernation so that you emerge with a product / service that fits a changing market?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then I would like to have my pdf “Keep Your Boat Afloat, The Business Survival Guide for COVID-19 times”. I take you through eight areas of your business that you need to be taking action on to make your ‘boat’ as sea worthy as possible to ride out this storm.
Who is this 'keep your boat afloat' for?
This is a particularly worrying time as you see everything you have invested your blood, sweat and tears into for years, probably decades, now under threat. 

You have already taken more risk and sacrificed more than many in the population and you will want to do everything you can to ensure your business emerges from the other side of this, ready and prepared to get back to business and deal with a spike in demand. The eight steps in the pdf will help you ensure you’ve covered all bases, including pivoting and adapting.

At a time when your plate spinning skills have been tested significantly more than usual, you will want to ensure you do right by all of your stakeholders: Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Financiers, Directors and Shareholders. 

This PDF will support the thinking and preparatory work you have already done and shift your focus also onto emerging from this with more efficient ways of working and ensuring your offerings are relevant to a changing market place.
here's what WE COVER IN


Your Employees

Cash Strategies


Your Customers

Pivot & Adapt

Your Marketing


Your Community

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here's what WE COVER IN


Your Employees - Page 3

Cash Strategies - Page 4

Supply - Page 6

Your Customers - Page 7

Pivot & Adapt - Page 8

Your Marketing - Page 9

Mindset - Page 10

Your Community - Page 11


Business Strategist, Business Mentor, Author and Speaker

Gavin Preston
For 25 years Gavin has been working with businesses large and small helping the leaders, owners, teams address problems and grow business performance. Gavin is a business strategist and coach and has helped thousands of people turn their businesses around or grow them beyond levels they’ve achieved before. He is a prize-winning KPMG qualified Chartered Accountant gaining invaluable experience not only in many different businesses both those succeeding and those in insolvency. This and the business experience gained throughout his career has equipped Gavin to help businesses stay afloat through challenging times. He has lived the journey of rise and demise of business.
As a NLP Master Business Practitioner and high performance coach, Gavin has helped rising stars in large corporates to grow as leaders with some in very senior positions in UK blue chip companies. 
As a business strategist and mentor Gavin has helped numerous business owners double their business. Clients have found his keen insight into them and their business coupled with his ability to ‘join the dots together’ of factors in their businesses to reveal new opportunities, invaluable.
He is a lifelong learner, podcaster, speaker and author with a desire to identify the strategies that work, combine and simplify them into business and personal strategies that enable you to survive and thrive in business and in life. His sailing analogies come from a lifelong hobby of sailing which has seen him sail from within 600 miles of the North Pole down to the Caribbean and can be found enjoying sailing the coastal waters of North Wales with his Wife and two children.

“Gavin has a very unique talent not only does he have the technical and professional ability to assess a company's position but a maturity and level of personal skills which allows him to put forward his ideas with empathy and respect.” L Voss, Finance Director


When we are surrounded by so much noise, where it can be difficult to get away from the stimuluses that may put you in a fight, flight or freeze state, taking time out to go through a checklist will reassure you and re-focus you.

Download the pdf and work through the eight steps so that you can survive to thrive out the other side of this.

Gavin has helped:

Gavin has helped:

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